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I Matter

It only took me a minute or two on the 17th to write Existing. I suppose it was ready to be said without much hesitation. But after I was done, I waffled back and forth for quite awhile before and … Continue reading

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You treated me as if who I truly was didn’t exist so completely that who I truly was stopped existing when I was with you. When I left, you still treated me as if I didn’t exist so completely that … Continue reading

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Cold-platform standing, silent tears, stinging from the brisk walk-by of him, him, like the others; misuse-me men that I’ve given my heart to for a lifetime of years, without their understanding or mine. I let them go by as they’ve … Continue reading

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Music In Austin

I love how, when he moved, he became a somewhat transparent figure in this picture, fleeting, temporary…while his music equipment and the insistent beat stayed solid. It struck me how much this moment was so much like Austin as a … Continue reading

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My Fearful Symmetry

I used to buy so many books, ignoring the “why-aren’t-you-normal” questions from my now ex-husband about what I was going to do with yet another potentially unread treasure crowding our shelves. How could someone who’s lived such a different life … Continue reading

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