A Moment

a moment
when a thing was said
and another was felt

time stopped

so an ear could hear
and an eye could see

so a heart could open
firmly and fully

and let what is true
in that moment
and perhaps always was
soak all the way
into the middle

let everything then
and everything now
soak in

let all that could never
and all that would never
and all that wasn’t waiting to

soak deeply
into the middle

where there was
no time left

where it was
no longer time
to ignore

the moment had come.

it was a painful moment.

it was a perfect moment
for a door to close
finally and firmly

salty and flooded
lost in a moment
but not for long

because a moment later
when eyes adjusted
it was clear
the door closed
finally and firmly
wasn’t trapping a heart
inside walls

that closed door
had finally and firmly
left behind
a dark world of waiting.

and now in a moment
new ears could hear
new eyes could see
a new path
flooded with light
flooded with all
that was perfect
in that moment

a heart opened up
to all it could feel
was waiting to be

and it was in that moment
as a heart opened up
finally and fully
ready for all
that was waiting to be

it was in the moment
time started again.

~ cj 2014.07.23

I’ve written two versions of this piece. Here is the other version: A Longer Moment

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3 Responses to A Moment

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  2. Steven says:

    Nice poems. I like the short one best. Both make me smile. See 🙂

  3. Morine says:

    Beautiful insights. Beautifully said.

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