ADD Key Kit

I posted this today on my ADD In Action Facebook page. For some reason, it made me giggle hard when I wrote it, so I thought I’d share it here.

My version of a Swiss Army Knife.

ADD Key Kit

So large, I can find them with a reconnaissance plane’s help if necessary.

So bulky, I can’t help but notice the missing weight of them when they’re not present.

Equipped with everything I might possibly need for a short trip to the gas station:

Mophie iPhone recharger – for when I sit in a parking lot playing Solitaire until the battery goes dead. I ignore the warnings on the phone and don’t plug it in the car because the MP3/charger cord is too short to continue playing comfortably.

Extra headphones because I forget my earPods nearly every time I leave the house.

The blue tag from my last half marathon. You know the one (I posted about this)…I remembered my bike rack number (2053), but then spent 45 minutes AFTER running a half marathon, riding my bike around trying to remember where my car was.

My phone was dead, too. And I didn’t have the Mophie yet. Although it would have been in my car anyways. Maybe.

I keep that tag on my key ring to remind me not to forget where my car is again. It hasn’t started to work yet, although I do remember the number (2053).

Little scuba tank that’s supposed to have ADD meds in it. It’s empty except for powder, which I haven’t been desperate enough to lick out of it yet.

My housemate’s spare car keys. He’s traveling right now, and I have to pick him up from the airport. He knows I have ADD. I wonder how he’s sleeping at night, knowing I have the only one with a remote.

Retractable utility knife. I knew this was a bad idea when I attached it here. But I’ve only stabbed myself twice and cut something once, and it’s been useful four times, so it gets to stay.

Two dog tags with my contact information on it. One is wrong, but I keep it because it’s pretty. I hope they try the stuff on the ugly one first. Hm. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, isn’t it.

Key to the cool post office box. The one I get packages at. The one I don’t mind going to. (The other PO box key is in my glove box with all the other keys I can’t identify, but might need some day).

I’d like to take a moment to point out the shitty PO box key is in the glove box because I’m using a tip from a professional organizer – don’t keep things in your face that you don’t use often or that make you unhappy. See? My coping and organizing skills are mad!

BACK to the ADD key kit…

My car key, which looks like a little Starship Enterprise. 🙂 It’s fastened on there with a round ring that can be unscrewed. I’ve lost that more than once.

It’s all dangling from a carabiner (I had to look up the spelling of this)…which, if I fasten it to the belt-less loop on my pants, pulls them down and gives me plumber’s butt.

I also have a fear if I hang all this on the key hook, it’s going to pull it off the wall. So I set them down elsewhere, creating the need sometimes for that reconnaissance plane.

NOTE: There’s no house key on here. That’s because I have a coded door entry. I remember numbers like crazy and can never find my keys. It’s all about having things in place that work for me.

Oh yeah, and there’s Post it flags so I can mark my place in something I’m never going to finish reading.

And Post it notes in case I need to write a reminder somewhere about something I’ve forgotten several times already and stick it someplace I’ll never see it again.

Wait, I just realized I don’t have a pen or pencil on there to write a reminder.

I better go get one on there now. I wonder where I put that hot mess after I took that picture.

~ cj 2013.03.22

BTW, I regularly post pictures of my ADD Mishaps, along with photographic evidence, on this page:

And no, none of it is staged. I’m not creative enough to make that stuff up!

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  1. Rick says:

    My carabiner key ring is not as well equipped as yours. The belt loop, plumber’s butt IS spot on.

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