All My Life

All my life
love equaled

It did not exist,
love could not last,
unless it stayed
beside me
tucked in
with my life.

Please know,
I did not have to
hold tight.

I could not
imagine how
to love
and let go.

But now,
there is you.

You are free.

You are not,
and will never,
be here
tucked in
beside me
and my life.

I cannot hold you.
I do not wish to
own you.

And yet
all my life
I still love you.

~ cj 2011.09.26

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3 Responses to All My Life

  1. Karen Schertz says:

    This is lovely. I agree that hanging on too tightly can be the worst thing you can do if you really love somebody….not always, but sometimes. So glad you are able to love, far or near. Whoever you had in mind when you wrote this is blessed indeed.

  2. cindy mccaa says:

    I love it! We can never own. But separation in any form is difficult for some and I understand that and I am also glad there is growth in those of us who feel it.

    Only love, always.

  3. Rick says:

    Very enlightening, a freeing of the spirit.
    Love your work and you, CJ

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