Bad Ass Beautiful Thank You!

Over the course of the past few months, we’ve arranged, prepared, planned, packed for, sweated over, worried about, discussed, imagined, counted on, wondered, wished and dreamed for this weekend that just happened; the weekend when 9 bad ass beautiful women came to Austin to meet, most of us for the VERY first time in person.

From Thursday afternoon when I picked up the first woman, until Sunday when I said goodbye to the last, I was transported, touched, moved, impacted, enlightened, educated, and inspired.

I ate, took pictures, recorded, played, drank, walked, danced, sang, played piano, and watched everything I could possibly watch as it was happening in those moments in my world.

I hugged, kissed, talked, listened, and shared. Once or twice I even extolled.

I smiled, laughed, giggled, clapped, and downright hooted at times. I did NOT snort, however, a few times I was actually rendered speechless and quiet.

And now I have a colorful collage of some of the most beautiful memories of my life living right here in my heart.

To the 9 who were there, and the others who will be there next time, I want you to know, I am humbled and uplifted by having you each in my life.

I look forward to what’s ahead for each of us, and for all of us together.

I am filled with love, hope, inspiration, energy, laughter and light. You bad ass beautiful women are the wind beneath my wings, the light on my path, the sweet song in my ears, and the love in my heart.

Thank you forever for this weekend and for being in my life.

~ cj 2012.01.23

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4 Responses to Bad Ass Beautiful Thank You!

  1. Gail says:


  2. Rick says:

    You were probably mostly silent, only during the time you pressed the button on the camera 🙂
    The multitude of BABs entertained, inspired and amused those of us that wish we could have been there.
    You all deserve props for being there, and making it happen.
    The world is in your hands.

  3. Jeffrey Harris says:

    It truly sounds like a great time was had by all.
    I do look forward to the time when all 5F’s can attened.
    This is a great and strong group of uniques. I am proud to be a part of The Group!

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