Be Safe

IMG_7699Oh my heart’s
dearest pain,
no need to worry,

I’m safer here,
running far,
driving fast,
going where
I’ve never been,
and don’t yet
know the way.

I’m safer here
on my own,
worlds away
from where
you try to be
my make believe

I’m safer here,
even when
completely lost,

and I’m safer than
I’ve ever been
when I’m on,
or I’ve been
put out of
your mind.

Be Safe?

Tsk, tsk,
no need to tell me
such a thing,
and no need to worry,
nor pretend you do.

I’m doing exactly
what I need
for my heart and I to
Be Safe…

…from you.

~ cj 2014.11.29

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4 Responses to Be Safe

  1. Steven says:

    Nice one CJ. 😉 Be safe my friend.

  2. you are a talented writer and poet.

  3. Billie Korstad says:

    You are safe! I love your writings and musings about life! I love You!

  4. Morine says:

    Whether you’re feeling alone or lost or sure of yourself, knowing your heart is ‘safe’ from those who would otherwise hurt you is a huge revelation! And a giant step toward freedom! xo

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