Beaming Truths

I am out running.
And as I move, I see.

There are blue beams of light
coming up from the golden sunset.
Or is it golden beams of light
from the blue?

At first I didn’t notice.
Then I stopped to take a picture,
to share where I was with you.

Maybe you don’t see those beams either.
The camera didn’t capture it that well.

But now that I’ve seen it,
I can’t unsee.

And I can’t help but share it with you,
in case you need some beautiful beams, too,
but can’t quite see them like I do.

Perhaps instead,
you can trust me on this,
and see the beams through my eyes,
just as I have gratefully seen
so many beaming truths
through yours.

~ cj 2012.12.02/03

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2 Responses to Beaming Truths

  1. Steve says:

    Nice one CJ. I can’t quit looking at that tree! Awesome picture.

    • cjromb says:

      Thx Steve. And thanx for always coming out here to read what I’ve written. 🙂

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