Blossoming Into Themselves

BlossomingAll this unique beauty in these flowers, growing in the wild, blooming in the woods.

If I hadn’t come by, it’s likely as not, no one would have noticed them. If I hadn’t been watching, who would have taken their picture and shared it with others? I felt a bit proud, like I’d done them a favor. I felt like a steward, my duty fulfilled, by giving them worth.

But only for a moment, until I walked away and glanced back to find them unaltered. They were still there, living exactly the same, even though I’d left.

They didn’t question who they were, and they weren’t wondering who I wanted them to be. They didn’t ponder whether they’d pleased me or not.

It didn’t matter to them that I witnessed them. It mattered only to me, the person who was touched by what they were already being.

From the beginning, they’d blossomed on their own in the wild, wholly unique. And they will be exactly themselves, without apology or exception, for as long as they live, because that’s what they were born for. They will do this, in spite of, not because of, anyone…including me.

So arrogant I was, believing my presence, my preference, my approval, gave their existence value.

I was the one who received the gift by noticing them. They had already blossomed, perfectly and completely whole, without any gifts of recognition from me.

I am not their purpose, and it is not their path to do or be anything for me.

All this beauty in these flowers…they have a unique purpose to which they are perfectly suited. And because they have blossomed into themselves, that purpose knows exactly where to find them…growing in the wild, and blooming in these woods.

~ cj 2013.09.16

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3 Responses to Blossoming Into Themselves

  1. Chris says:

    I really enjoyed this. It made me think that I have no idea who might come along in the future to observe or interact with the “me” that I am at work building and refining.

  2. Steve says:

    I like the observations you make. Often you change the way you look at things or from a different perspective. It’s interesting.

  3. Steve says:

    Oh yeah. They are pretty.

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