The guitar is still out,
the jelly is here.
The shirt is all folded
and smells sweet of you.
your hug tightly held
with your gaze, in my heart
i wonder if you’re
hurt, surprised, too.

it was only a moment
a climax, a rush
i should be over it soon
but i never dreamed
i’d be this hurt and surprised
by how your breeze
just blew through my room.

~ cj 2011.07.22

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5 Responses to Breeze

  1. Very evocative! I liked it very much!

    • cjromb says:

      Thank you so much, Sharon. 🙂 I put another link on my FB page….if you read it, just don’t give me a hard time about it. Haha. I’ve been asked to explain where it came from twice. Oi.

  2. Karen Schertz says:

    Really like this one, too! It’s lovely.

  3. cjromb says:

    Thank you so much, Karen. 🙂

  4. Rick says:

    What’s the domain name again? 😛

    For a short little poem, it does pull on the emotions in a breezy way.

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