Broken Mess

Some broken messes can be fixed with enough effort and the right kind of care.
Salvaging them might take several attempts, use multiple skills, require new approaches.
Often seeking outside advice is what makes the difference.
But the satisfaction of fixing something worth saving is infinitely rewarding.

Other times, a mess can’t be fixed regardless of what skills are used, in spite of valuable advice, and in the face of trying many approaches.
There simply isn’t enough of the right kind of care remaining to make another attempt.

I am a determined girl, but when the desire to make enough effort was gone, I knew it was time to accept it, and leave you behind.
I told myself I could keep my skills. I knew in my head I wouldn’t lose new approaches or forget valuable advice.
And every moment since then has proven infinitely worthy of me leaving.

Yet here I stand, on the eve of making it final, looking back one last time at our situation.
I take a moment to wonder if one more tool, one more approach, one more piece of sound advice might have fixed us.
But tomorrow, I will accept that we won’t be salvaged and leave us behind, because now I know why we couldn’t be fixed.

There wasn’t enough effort nor the right kind of care left to save our broken mess.

~ cj 2013.04.07

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  1. Steve says:

    There something to be said for trying.

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