Full Force

I flung myself
full force
with complete abandon


with you.

no barriers
no boundaries
little caution.

but wait…

the news in
from the heart line
reports a
head-on collision
recently occurred
as an unmistakeably
direct result
of this careless

on the scene
show this tragedy
may be shaping into
the unfortunate
full force


of me.

…in hindsight
perhaps some
safety precautions
would have been
in order.

~ cj 2011.08.18

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3 Responses to Full Force

  1. jeffrey harris says:

    CJ, Again with the amazing sense of timing. This was my daily drive in both TN & OK! TN was 112 miles a day and OK was 67 miles a day. Both were based on normal round trips. Race tripping to work, was a major pain in the ass.

  2. jeffrey harris says:

    Meaning the Love of my Wife and of my job is what I didn’t get into the message. Sorry!

  3. Karen Schertz says:

    I don’t think I’ve EVER entered a relationship without bariers or boundaries…definitely never without caution. Not sure why that is, and really don’t think it’s a good thing. I feel like I might have missed out, despite the crashing.

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