Golden Beauty In The Rain

yellow flower 3

These yellow flowers have shown up in my garden, growing wildly without my permission, without being planted there. They are far more beautiful than what I’d put in that spot.

yellow flower 4

I’ve certainly learned that I miss beautiful moments in life if I always try to control what surrounds me, so I left them to do as they pleased.

yellow flower 1

Over the past few weeks, they’ve rewarded me with a good deal of unexpected joy. I’ve headed out to my garden more often than I was, just to see them. Their sunny disposition is making a garden I still struggle with emotionally, a happier place to visit. I like to take pictures of them, and they seem to look their best when I show up with my camera in the waning light of the day.

yellow flower 2

This afternoon, it was raining hard. I found myself worrying about how they were doing, and then felt compelled enough to check on them. So carrying my umbrella, and my camera, I headed out to see.


The rain has impacted them; I see that immediately. They are each bent, with their heads down for now, protecting what’s precious inside. I noticed their petals have some creases and folds, most likely from the pelting they’ve taken.


The rainwater is dripping off them and soaking into the ground beneath, a gift they will appreciate tomorrow.


And maybe it’s my imagination because I want this to be so, but they seemed more beautiful than usual, their pretty green backs holding them up on delicate, fuzzy green stems.


I look closer, and stand back up smiling. I’m quite positive they’re shining more golden, colored by the weight of what they’ve gone through.


I head back inside, because for now, there’s not much I or they can do, but hunker down. We cannot control the rain. And the truth is, they know and I know, the rain was needed, even though we’re both finding it a bit harsh to survive in.


Maybe tomorrow, the sun will shine again, and we can begin to find uses for the gifts of this downpour. I will hope for them, and for myself, that we make the best of what we have.


But if it chooses to rain on, I know in my heart, at least for now, these unexpected beauties and I have what it takes to weather the storm.

~ cj 2013.09.20

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3 Responses to Golden Beauty In The Rain

  1. Steve says:

    The morrow with the sun will bring even more beauty for you to behold!

  2. Morine says:

    They appear to be some type of bastardization of a sunflower. And you’re right; The stem and fuzzy green backs seem to be providing all the strength to hold them together,until the next day of sunshine. When they’ve dried up later in the fall, pick at the center of the flower to see if there are any seeds you might put away for scattering next season. Or, perhaps they will reseed themselves, as per the natural order of things.
    That’s likely how they got there in the first place!

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