Haley Bailey

you were so close in my dream!
i just got to pet you,
you can’t imagine the thrill
or the comfort
and although i could never quite
look in your gold eyes
i picked you up and held you close
kissing your muzzle, your side
your little ears
inhaling your scent
mmmm, you’re still so yummy
in my mind

and you were free,
not tied on a leash
and i could run
not just walk
we were by the ocean
you and i and
maggie and rip
and some other doggie

you were exploring
so happy just to be
just to exist

we were on our way home
slowly makin our way
exploring every little
nook and cranny
stopping to smell and then
bounding to the next excitement
but then, suddenly, my dream ended
and just like in my
real life
we never quite made it home that day

instead i woke, reaching for you
to pet you again
to snuggle and nuzzle you
my beautiful friend
and my heart broke again
in a million pieces
to remember you’re
not there
and won’t ever be again

thank you, though,
for the visit to my dreams
i needed that,
however brief
however painful.
you were so beautiful
and made my life so rich
and it was so nice
to see you again
even if it was only
in my dreams

~ cj 2004.08.27

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3 Responses to Haley Bailey

  1. Steven says:

    Tell me about Haley Bailey sometime.

    • cjromb says:

      Awww, I still miss her, even after all these years. She was a beautiful rescue sharpei I had for way too short a time.

  2. Steven says:

    Awww. I wanna see a pic of Haley Bailey.

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