Heart Strings

Sweet man
what is the thread
that ties us from
here back to there
and to each other?

It’s been so many days
and so many loves
since we held one another.
You’d think any tie we had
any sense of
the heart of the other
would have come undone
half a life time ago.

Instead your voice is
the sweet part of home
and it’s melted
every resolve I ever had
to insist you be only mine
or be without me.

The sugary softness
I hear in your heart
coats me with sighs
while you tell me
you’ve never stopped
and always regretted
and no no no
you wouldn’t think of
letting me go.
Not THIS time.

You gently whisper
Sunshine, my baby doll,
sharing all you remember
while I resist recalling
what I’ve had to block out
to live on without you.

I stomp my feet and
clench my jaw
gritting against tears
that come easily
the second I consider
a life of going back
to the lonely love
of missing you.

But that plea from my head
to my heart
to have reason
and protect what is tender
goes completely unheeded.

Instead, longing
immediate and fierce
pierces straight through me
grabbing my wrists
and pulling me in
making my cheeks flush
insisting there is
no other path.

Sweet man
I know what it is
It’s your heart string
Entwined so tightly
with mine
that it cannot matter
from here to there
how many days
how many loves
since we last held each other.

~ cj 2011.09.14

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2 Responses to Heart Strings

  1. Jeffrey Harris says:

    That is so profound. Again I am looking into a mirror.
    I Love the fact that you have a site where we can get this kind of insight!
    Thanks CJ!

    • cjromb says:

      You’re so sweet, too…. 🙂

      Thank you for always reading, and always commenting. I’m glad you’re liking what I’m writin’.

      Let’s put pics and words together…Anna and I were talking about things we all need to do to start moving forward…..and this crossed my mind.

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