Here We Go Heart

Here we go, heart.
Are you packed up and ready to go?
I’ve got Go Gordy
And my map.
What have you done to prepare?

I’ve brought my journals and…
Ah, I see you brought your passion.
That’s good.
Oh, it insisted on coming along.
I believe you on that.
It’s rarely left behind.

Have you thought to bring along
any common sense?
It’s in exceptionally short supply this month,
I’ve noticed that.
I hope you’ve grabbed a small bit
from the shelf.

You’ve got a suitcase of wisdom
And I have a bag full of books.
Together perhaps we’ll
learn something here.
I know you’ve been trying
so hard to reach me
with lessons you’ve learned.

I’ve brought some sunscreen
and a hat.
I think you should consider
loading up on some caution, too.
I know you think
this is a once in a lifetime.
But you know we’ve had
many a trip down this bumpy road.

I realize as we embark
that neither you,
my dear heart, nor I
are able to adequately prepare
for this trip
in any kind of way
that might preserve and protect us.

And I’m so very clear
that not everyone gets
to experience such
a beautiful adventure,
such a heartfelt chance.

I don’t want to miss out
And be filled with lifelong regret
even though you and I know
we are in for a very short ride.

Perhaps what you shared this last week
in your heartfelt manifesto
and in the poem you
offered me with
your deepest compassion
will get us through this together.

Do you remember?
You told me that
everywhere we go,
we are committed to going
with our whole hearts.
You and I know it’s the only way
we want to make this journey.

I’m with you, I agree,
And I am faithfully yours.
So let’s pick up our baggage
And let go of our fear
Grab hold for dear life
and breathe in.

Cuz ready or not
Here we go heart.

~ cj 2011.09.15

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8 Responses to Here We Go Heart

  1. karen says:

    Here we go indeed…thank you

  2. CT says:

    And go and go and go .. what a grand circle of life, eh?

  3. Jeffrey Harris says:

    Here we go charge forward! Racing of the Heart. Remember to breathe and stay focused. Love is is a many splended and splintered thing!
    CJ, Thank you so much for sharing your Heart and soul!

  4. Dee says:

    You speak for me as well.

  5. Nikki Stair says:

    Love it! Have fun with your heart! It deserves to be spoiled!

  6. kev says:

    A life without “bumps” is easy. What is not is so much more. That more is not nearly as rich or rewarding. It is just….existing. It may feel like you are content. Yet, in truth it is complacency.

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