Hollywood & Sunshine

Those were the days
of Hollywood
and Sunshine
both of us shining stars
glowing brightly
in a different space.

I stumbled by
skinny in my
brown polyester dress
waiting tables
hungry for food
waiting on you
starving for love.

You saved me
so many times
changed my path
taught me how to survive
sharp life turns
then steer straight
and stand strong.

You were the first
to believe
I could run free
and be me.

You never gave
what I never asked
yet you were there
when I needed you most
holding my heart
when you couldn’t
quite capture my hand.

And now here we are
on a path that again
finds your Sunshine
making sharp life turns
trying so hard
to steer straight
and stand strong.

You still find me
even though
I am not so skinny now
and many moments
are between what we had
and this crossing.

I tell you I am rarely
hungry for food,
but you cannot miss
that perhaps I am
still a bit starving for love.

You catch
in my breath
that I’m stumbling hard
and I apologize
for my fall.

How did you know that
I ached for you
to come from your space
to this crossroads
because my star
was struggling to shine?

And now here you are
holding my heart
and for just this moment
my hand
saving me,
from falling again.

I will still never ask
what you cannot give
But today,
like those days
you’re my Hollywood man.

~ Sunshine 2011.09.10

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5 Responses to Hollywood & Sunshine

  1. Gail Hite Cua says:

    Very nice….very nice…

  2. cindy mccaa says:

    I believe these are not coinsidences, they are the universe giving to us what we need. We give and we get back. You give of yourself unselfishishly – enjoy your rewards as they come to you at this time.

  3. Karen Schertz says:

    Whoever this person is who inspired you to write such a lovely poem, I’m glad he’s back in your life. Just wonderful!

  4. Kevin Schertz says:

    As you may have learned from my comments on various things. I do not believe in coincidences nor do I think the patterns in life lie. In fact the patterns Tell the Truth when nothing else does. This person shows up when you need the safe friend, the buffer from the storms of life. The one that always has your best interest at heart. Hold on to that friend has you have in the past. Close, but not clinging. We all at times are someones spiritual guide, as long as we remain true to ourselves. Listen to your heart and mind when those storms lull. Do not listen to your fears when the storms rage high.

    CJ I have tried to convey two separate thoughts here, I hope they both are clear.

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