How Hard That All Is

I forget,
I truly do,
how much it hurts,
how hard that all is to hear.

how it sears going down
and burns settling in
another’s open
unsuspecting heart.

I forget because
it doesn’t hurt me anymore.
I am whole
and I love the life I have.

I promise from deep inside,
the damage is gone
and in its healing wake
thrives the created strength
that sees me through.

and I choose to believe
it’s now my gift to others,
though maybe best not given
quite so freely,
so fully.

but I learned who you were,
did i not,
when I shared what I shared,
and I felt heard by you.

that was your gift to me,
given from deep in your own heart,
from your own place of
painful strength,
given freely and fully
even in the face
of me forgetting
how hard that all is to hear.

~ cj 2012.01.06

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