I Am Lonely Tonight

I am lonely tonight,
will you stand here for me?
So I can sketch you in colors
of the sunset and sea.

I’ll tell you a story
or write a breaking heart poem
if you’ll sit here with me
so I’m not all alone.

I’ll share some sweet chocolate
and pour us glasses of wine
so we can raise a fond toast
while you’re make-believe mine.

Let’s wait until dark,
before we walk on my land,
so you won’t see my tears
while you’re holding my hand.

I’ll find some matches
and get candles lit
while we pad our tales
with interesting bits.

I’ll laugh at your jokes
and always show you a smile
I’ll be who you want,
if you’ll stay for awhile.

I’ll make a fire
And we’ll watch it burn
While I open my heart
for little return.

I’ll play my piano
in the glowing red light.
This song is called Longing,
and it’s perfect tonight.

I’ll invite you upstairs
to my deck for the view
Then quietly ask
May I lay down with you?

I’ll look shyly away
so you can’t awkwardly see
how I dread lonely nights
spent with no one but me.

I’ll prove that I’m worthy,
while I continue to grin,
if you’ll kiss my mouth
and forgive me my sin.

I’ll give myself up
and get down on my knees
And I’ll let you touch me
however you please.

The release that I give you
will soothe you to sleep,
and you can rise in the dawn,
with no promise to keep.

As you drift off to dream
you’re holding me tight,
while I lay awake aching
Cuz I am still lonely tonight.

~ cj 2013.11.11

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5 Responses to I Am Lonely Tonight

  1. Steve says:

    That is a sad but beautifully done poem. Very nice

  2. Serge says:

    I could feel the glow of that moonlight shinning all over while reading. Magnifique. You are not alone anymore…

  3. Paul Carroll says:

    Here is a song that parallels your poem. It is performed by Connie Dover – Laddie Lie Near Me:


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