I can hear your heart
in your breath
in the air
its loud insistence
its gentle aching
its almost insatiable longing
are unmistakeable
as anything other
than love.

I can hear your heart
in your voice
when it’s soft
when you laugh
when your sigh
tickling me
making my ears ring
words meant
only for me
its sweetness
and buttery
are unmistakable
as anything other
than love

I can feel your heart
in your caress
in the tight circle
of your arms
in your lips
pressed long
against my neck
the moment you reach
the second you touch
each minute
our skin touches skin
its velvety sweetness
the kindness and need
are unmistakeable
as anything other
than love.

~ cj 2011.08.09

I felt this poem coming up from my heart. My head believed it was going to express my fear that you’re falling in love with love, instead of with me. But my head didn’t get a say for right now, because my heart insisted on this offering instead.

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4 Responses to Unmistakeable

  1. Just lovely, CJ!

  2. Karen Schertz says:

    This is beautiful, CJ. 🙂

    • cjromb says:

      Thank you, Karen. For reading, and for appreciating and for saying so. 🙂

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