I Forgive You

No matter what you’ve done to me in my past or try do in the future, regardless of how much you’ve set me back in my life with your choices, in the face of how rude you are to me when you don’t have a clue what it’s been and is still like for me, I will take the higher ground.

I forgive what you’ve done, what you’re doing, and what you’ll likely do in my near future until I am able to complete my escape from you.

I’m not doing this out of arrogance. I don’t have a need to prove I’m better than you. Instead, thinking about you with mercy and grace, struggling to remember the good things about you, and us, in the face of the bad, and working hard to forgive and understand you (and myself) allows the wounds to heal, and makes my past truly my past.

When I let go of you and what you’ve done, when I forgive you (and myself) and fail to resent, I can smile without weight. And my heart can feel the beautiful tingling of pure joy that comes from the happiness I’ve found by facing, accepting and embracing the truth in spite of it all.

Life is so very short, and there’s no rewind on what’s happened. The road I have ahead of me will be easier to travel if I do so with a spirit of forgiveness, instead of resentment.

~ cj 2012.07.25

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