I Will Miss

I will miss

The hikes that would have left us breathless,
under the dark skies our eyes would have adjusted to;
the planes we might have boarded,
to exciting destinations eagerly awaiting our arrival.

I’ll miss
the pictures we wanted to shoot,
the music we’d listen and dance to,
and all those wonderful things we were going to
learn from,
and were excited to teach, each other.

And, too, I’ll miss
the holidays we would have shared,
with our families,
who would have met;

the delicious meals we wanted to cook for,
and the treats we wanted to feed to, the other.

There will be silence
instead of the laughs
we’d have shared,
and for sure would have treasured.

What fun
all those blue skies,
gorgeous sunsets,
and sometimes stormy weather…
cool summer swims
and hot fires…
oh what fun that all would have been.

I already miss
the tantalizing tenderness
that was going to tingle our skin,
and the rest of each other’s bodies
we were eager to explore.

I’ve missed out
on the glances
we’d have shared
as we fell in love…

…all that giddy fun of
the future we might have had,
on the promise of a ride
you wanted me to just get on
and go with…

I will miss all of what
could have been
because of what happened instead.

And that I will not miss.

~ cj 2015.02.25

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2 Responses to I Will Miss

  1. Morine says:

    Oh, hunny. I think so many of us have been right where you are, in some form or another. The excitement of promise, the lure of expectations. Then, boom! We crash and burn, and are stunned to see and hear what we see and hear. It’s a credit to your self-knowledge that you spotted it quickly. As I said to you earlier, wrong path. Dust yourself off…There are others to explore. <3

  2. Steven says:

    That’s sad but a really nice poem. Waiting for ones knight in shining armor is hard but worth it in the end. 🙂

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