Isn’t It Obvious?

A friend of mine was telling me this last night about someone she knows. 

The person she knows sees successful people, and he gets really bummed about where HE’S at. 

She asks “Is that what you WANT to do?  Is that where you want to be?”

He usually says no. so she tells him:

“If you don’t want to do it, then why be unhappy that you’re not doing it?  Why not just be happy with the choice you’re making?”

If you want something to change, you can’t just wish it into existence. You have to take action. Go for it. 

If you try and fail, THEN maybe you can feel justified in being angry or disappointed. 

Or maybe you can learn from what went wrong and try again or try something else.
Chances are though, you’ll accomplish at least enough to be proud, and you’ll definitely learn something along the way, both about what you’ve pursued, and likely about yourself as well.

Isn’t this obvious?

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One Response to Isn’t It Obvious?

  1. Rick says:

    Sometimes, obvious isn’t, we are blinded by our preconceptions, or habits.
    Thanks CJ

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