Let’s Just Agree

Let’s just agree
that we’ll go our separate ways
because there doesn’t seem to be enough room
on this road together.
instead of facing forward
running smooth
to our destination
we’re turned in
or turned out
in a bad alignment
thud, thud, scrape, scratch
wearing the tread off our
out of balance
or slamming on the brakes
we careen out of control
or argue about directions
what to bring along
how to pack
and especially where to go

If we went our separate ways
free to choose our own paths
our own roads
our own wagons
we could go so much
towards each of our dreams
free of the friction
and road hazards
that have worn
the rubber of us raw
exposing the steel belts

we wouldn’t waste time
you telling me to belt in
me calling you grandpa
for click click forgetting the blinker
your trunk wouldn’t be full
and messy with the debris of me

it doesn’t mean we can’t meet
at our destination
to review the road taken
and loved or not
but i think it makes sense for now
to get there on our own
so let’s just agree
to go our separate ways

~ cj 2011.01.12

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