Lightning Bolt Reminder

There I was, on my back deck last night, commenting to the sky about the lack of a visible moonrise… okay fine… I’ll admit, I was complaining … and while I was at it, I’d brought up and was swirling around how hard it was to get good lightning shots the previous night… (it was REALLY hard!) Anyway…I was doing this while I was taking photos of what WAS there last night.

It was actually pretty interesting as well, even before what happened next. But admittedly, I was doing far more complaining than focusing and being grateful for what was there.

Mother Nature in her own unique way, apparently decided it was time for my pissy attitude to change, so this lightning bolt is what she showed up with.

Not only was it time for me to stop whining about the past (even if it WAS only the previous night). I also apparently needed to be reminded (once again), that there is ALWAYS something interesting and beautiful and wondrous going on around me, even when it’s not what I initially thought I was going to see, hear, or experience.

I’m a lot more likely to notice it and find value and happiness in it, if I’m open to focusing on and appreciating the present, rather than wasting my energy and time complaining about what happened before or isn’t going according to my desires.

Over the past month I’ve really been gaining an appreciation for the things that fall apart, or don’t go according to my plans. Nothing like the metaphor of a lightning bolt as a shocking reminder, eh? And what I really treasured is not only did she ‘fork’ over the lightning bolt, I was lucky enough to capture it with my camera. Perhaps looking at it next time I’m complaining will make me sit ‘bolt upright’ and pay attention. (I couldn’t resist the groaner puns.)

~ cj 2014.05.13

Lightning Bolt Reminder

Lightning Bolt Reminder

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5 Responses to Lightning Bolt Reminder

  1. Morine says:

    Yes, sweets, this is THE KEY: (to borrow your words) …. “[being] open to focusing on and appreciating the present, rather than wasting…energy and time complaining about what happened before or isn’t going according to…desires.”

    It’s good to have a plan, I concur. But I think it’s also wise to write that plan in pencil. Then whatever actually DOES happen on a particular day — whether according to plan or not — is easier to adapt to and work with and even alter one’s focus on what might be better or more rewarding or more fun than your original plan. It’s good to be flexible and go with the flow. And sometimes, there may be a hidden lesson thrown in just for laughs! <3

  2. Lori says:

    Wowza!! That lightning bolt is dancing. Beautiful, CJ.

  3. Steven says:

    Your writing makes me think…. Good things. It’s thought provoking & points out the obvious. I like it & you know I love The Bolt!

  4. Billie Korstad says:

    I would like my soul to harness that level of energy from the source! To be used in the best of ways, of course!

    Great, magnificent capture! Keep ’em coming!

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