Many Miles

Many miles
where I am
and where
I feel,
I hope,
I achingly wish
to go.

always traveling
a rocky, twisted path,
with no clear direction,
no helping hand
but my own,
no light shining
but my glow
in this dark.

There seems to be
no map
to guide me
to where
I’ve never been,
except the one
here in my heart.

I’m stepping
feeling my way
for now,
hoping the sun
will rise soon,
or the clouds
will part
for the moon.

When I feel sure
I will not stumble,
I move quickly
in this dark.

But my heart races
ahead of me,
knowing I might
not be ready
for that moment
my confidence
may hit a wall.

Sometimes I’m
slowed by fear,
or is that

It’s hard to tell
the difference
from my breath,
which rushes into
my lungs
so fast it rings
in my ears,
filling all
the space
many miles
from where
I feel,
I hope,
I achingly wish
to go.

~ cj 2012.03.30

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