Matter Of Time

“Oh, my, you two
are so perfectly suited”,

was her frankly
astute observation,

as if she’d discovered
some treasure,

as if she were the first
who found it
painfully obvious.

and then,
as if she couldn’t
help but continue,

gleaming bright hope
that I had some
special secret
I’d be willing to share,
leaned in to ask,

“So when will you
be together?”

Her accent fell on the ‘will’,
as if it were assured,
of-course inevitable
in only some matter of time.

I’ve wondered,
ever since she
dared to lean close
and ask

how much her hope
as mine already had,
when I answered,
my pain
fully obvious,

that in spite of how much
any one else
and at one time,
found us
perfectly suited,

no amount of
inevitably obvious
would ever
be enough
to assure
we’d be together
in any matter of time.

~ cj 2013.03.28

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