Music In Austin


I love how, when he moved, he became a somewhat transparent figure in this picture, fleeting, temporary…while his music equipment and the insistent beat stayed solid.

It struck me how much this moment was so much like Austin as a whole. The individual people making the music are temporary, fleeting. They play here, and we enjoy them, but it’s an ever-changing scene.

Yet, from the time our love for music swelled to a vibrant crescendo in Austin, weaving its insistent beat through the present, and likely forward to a future we can’t yet see, the association between Austin and music will likely stay solid.

~ cj 2013.08.05

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2 Responses to Music In Austin

  1. Steve says:

    True that. How’d ya make him transparent? That’s cool.

    • cjromb says:

      It was actually really dark at the time I took this picture. I had the camera on a tripod and set it for a long exposure. When it takes pictures like that, if something moves while the picture is being taken, it either ghosts it like that, or makes a streak of light through it, if it’s a car or something. In his case, it made him a ghost-like figure.

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