No More Sheet Music

I’ve been playing piano since I was 5, and took lessons for well over 20 years….all classical, always reading or memorizing sheet music. I never learned improvisation, composition, chords and chord progressions or theory.

About 2 years ago, I put away all the sheet music and started making up my OWN music. It was so fitting for my new life, because I’ve decided not to play anyone else’s script for me there either.

Over the past 2 years, I’ve created 800-900 little music snippets, probably 50-75 of them unique melodies. I play all different times of day, often at night, to soothe myself.

I record them on my iPhone. It’s not about the quality…it’s about being able to replay them to soothe myself later.

They are not done, they are fluid, and they have mistakes in them, just like my new path in life does. I don’t care about the mistakes here, or in my life…I just care about continuing to move forward, enjoying myself.

I’ve been texting them around to friends here and there, and thought I’d go ahead and create some online space for them so the ones that are a little more complete than others can have their own sorted out space.

Putting away the sheet music and making up my own made me fall in love with my piano for the first time, after flirting with him for all these years.

Putting away everyone else’s script for my life made me fall in love with my life, too.

I don’t care if you listen to what I created; truly I don’t. But if you’re interested, here’s where you can go hear them. There’s about 15 things up there now, with more to follow as I go through the 800+ now sitting in iTunes. 🙂

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