Peace Filled Grace


Peace-filled grace carries you gently
across my evening sky.

A glow shines from your colorful heart,
soft, undeniable.

Shaped in each moment
by what can be seen,
and by what never will,
you appear,
as you float by,
to be at ease with it all.

No worry about the coming dark,
even though, for now,
you’re on your own.

Soon enough,
my eyes will lose sight of you,
and I cannot know what is next
on this journey for you.

Maybe you’ve been here before,
and you’ve come back now
to show me how to travel
with peace-filled grace
and a colorful glow in my heart,

…at ease with it all,
even when I’m on my own,
and I cannot know what is next
on this journey for me.

~ cj 2013.11.15

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2 Responses to Peace Filled Grace

  1. Billie Korstad says:

    Ah, Y E S

  2. Steve says:

    I hope your journey is filled with pease & grace.

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