Perfectly Beautiful Bellies

I found a site some time ago where women uploaded pictures of their bellies.

Those women and those bellies had held life and lived life. And those women, by uploading those pictures, were somewhere on the path of learning how to love their looks, including their bellies.

I don’t know if the link I’m posting here is the same site I found before; if it is, it’s changed a lot. But it makes the same point.

I’ve changed a lot, too, but I never forgot this concept, or its point. It’s resonated in my heart, my gut, my belly. It’s become, along with other concepts, a foundation for my life now.

Everyone I know has SOMETHING about their looks they don’t like, no matter how beautiful they are.

Everyone I know has SOMETHING about themselves they don’t like, no matter how much work they’ve done.

My life’s goal isn’t to look better or ‘fix’ all my ‘flaws’. Instead, my life’s goal is to completely accept myself for exactly who I am, and understand on a core level that I’m not broken. I am a product of my environment, my genetics, my experience, and my effort. In any moment, I perceive and interact based on what I know in that moment.

And my life’s mission is to convince others to be and accept themselves and everyone else in their lives.

Understand why, and find the value in everything you have and do. Change what you can, but not because you’re “broken”. Change because it’s fun, because you want to, because it will serve you and others better. But in the meantime, accept yourself. Spend your time discovering the best location for the lighthouse that you are and can be.

Obtaining perfection isn’t a goal that can be accomplished. Obtaining acceptance is. You don’t have to be perfect, to be perfectly loved by anyone, including yourself.

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3 Responses to Perfectly Beautiful Bellies

  1. shari says:

    Very cool blog, CJ.

  2. Rick says:

    Accepting yourself is one hard hard task.

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