Fire’s Edge

If I fall into you
will you catch me
and dance,
holding me tight,
at the edge of
the fire?

or will you
step aside
to hold on,
watching me,
letting me
tumble as I
burn up
or fall down.

Perhaps I will
wait awhile
dance ever so
slightly apart,
enjoy the heat,
watch the flame
resist the warm
fire lighting up
my heart.

Yes, that’s what
I believe I’ll do.

Just until I’m sure,
I tell myself,
all full of
making believe
I have a choice,
as the flames
begin licking
my feet.

~ cj 2012.07.19

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4 Responses to Fire’s Edge

  1. Elizabeth "Ibs" Young says:

    Another great one CJ.

  2. Steve says:

    The heat is on! Another nice one CJ!

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