Summit Sunrise – Piano Recording

One of my closest friends made a comment about how what we’re both going through is like trying to reach a summit.

We talked about how all the mistakes get made right before you reach the summit…but if you just hold on, the sun will rise, and it will be worth the journey.

I made this song up after that conversation with him in my heart, and our journey heavy on my mind.

And to you, my dear sweet friend,

I know your journey was so very hard. From the moment you began, until you reached your own summit, although you may feel you were quite clumsy, I was there, and I know better. You traveled to the end with grace and mercy in the best way you knew how.

And now, even though you must be exhausted, there you are, reaching out for me, cheering me on and reminding me of all that waits in front of me if only I can take those last few steps.

For the rest of my life I will be grateful for knowing you. You’ll always have my heart, and now, this song’s for you, too.

~ cj 2013.02.13

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