Sweet Sunday Snoozes

Sweet Sunday snoozes
breathing each others air
wrapped in a cocoon of blankets
and plumped up pillows,
wrapped in each others arms.

I inhaled deeply
and turned every way I could
while you tried to dream,
making sure each part of me
absorbed as many memories
of contact with you
as they could.

my face to your chest
bringing my mouth up near yours
turning to press my back into
your stomach
while you buried your face
in my unkempt curly hair.

I rarely slept
did you know?
Instead I memorized your freckles
and ran my fingers softly
over the strawberry hair
that silkens your arms.

I studied those beautiful
comforting hands
while they hung onto me
while I hung on those moments,
while I hung onto us.

I clung to you
breathing in the
unique fresh
that clung to your flesh
so I would smell of you
for hours after you’d let me go.

I dared not close my eyes
for more than a few winks
because from the moment
I first got wrapped up in you
I knew we didn’t have long
before we’d wake up
from sweet snoozing to find
our dream time was over,
at least for awhile.

~ cj 2013.02.18

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  1. Steve says:

    🙂 nice CJ.

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