These swirls of orange and yellow heal me. So does having friends who not only accept me, but truly respect and enjoy who I am.

Thank you, my friends, for being right there with me when I stop to take pictures, or play music, or just wander off, which I often do. In fact, thank you for being right there with me all those times I’ve stopped along the way since we’ve met, even though sometimes what was swirling around me wasn’t very beautiful.

You’ve each been a unique, and often significant, part of my healing.

~ cj 2013.05.23

I originally posted a single-person version of this on Facebook, to thank one particular friend who has stood by me through so very much. Now I’m posting it here, because many of you, who are subscribed to this blog, have also been there when I needed you. I didn’t know most of you when I started this transition 2.5 years ago. What good fortune I had to find each one of you on my journey.

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  1. Steve says:

    Thanks CJ. Your an inspiration to us. Thanks for sharing your poems. I was just thinking have you written one about SS yet? If not I’d like to see one. I bet I’d be good.

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