The Magic is Gone


my breath catches
behind the rising
lump in my throat
choking off all
my best words,
leaving them stuck
and flailing
for air.

I am helpless
to do anything
but blurt and stammer
and spit out
the few that remain.
And when they run out,
I re-queue and repeat
them again.

I struggle to think
on my feet,
to move
and reach,
trying my best
to hold on
to every last
meaningful thread.

But there’s more
weighing on me
than I have strength
to carry.
I feel my knees
fail my legs,
and threaten to

All that gorgeous light
fades so quickly
I have barely the time
to gasp and tear up.

I utter words
I hope I never recall,
and sink down
where I stood strong
just a sunset before.

Then it ends,
the magic is gone,
and the dark
muscles in.

~ cj 2015.04.12



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3 Responses to The Magic is Gone

  1. Steven says:

    The beauty of light & power of darkness. Really nice shots CJ.

  2. Morine says:

    Oh, no…please tell me this is a eulogy to the sunset and nothing more.

  3. Billie says:

    You express your feelings so profoundly.
    God is greater than our feelings…..and even if these are the feelings of another – & I guarantee that around this world, they are somewhere! The hope of comfort lingers close at hand always, because He is the faithful God of hope who is closer than your own breath.
    The photos are so beautiful and describe what you said perfectly.
    Love you CJ.

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