The Miracle of Healing

I have to look
quite closely now
to find the seam
where you carelessly
cut me to the bone.

You cracked me wide open,
letting my guts spill out,
exposed to your toxic dirt.

Still hungry
to hurt me,
your greedy hand
reached in to grab
what remained
of my heart
nearly ripping it out
of my tender chest.

somehow finished,
you left me for dead
and sauntered off,
seeking others.

And although it took
more than a little
sweet time to heal,
I’ve grown back together,
stronger from your wounding.

So here I am,
alive and bursting with well,
bearing eager witness to
the precious joy I found
on my journey
back to life.

Your poisonous selfish
no longer infects me,
and finally,
I can feel love
in another’s touch,
without being
painfully sensitive.

Only a tiny
pink ribbon

And sometimes,
like today,
it itches,
but I am not bothered.

Instead, I smile,
and remember learning
as a little girl
that itching is just part of
the miracle of healing.

~ cj 2015.04.03

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4 Responses to The Miracle of Healing

  1. Morine says:


  2. Steven says:

    If this poem was about you I’d say you’ve healed beautifully. If not I hope the person it’s about has made the journey back to the joy of life.

  3. Billie says:

    I agree with Steven!
    Sometimes the things we have to heal from are horrendous and the journey seems long and arduous, but the beauty and strength we discover amaze us as we once again discover who we truly are.

    Love this piece – I felt it deeply as I’ve been there myself.


  4. cjromb says:

    Aww, thank you Steve and Billie and Morine. I always love your comments. 🙂

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