Things Could Be Different



If things could be
different between us,

I’d put my hands gently on each side
of your face.

I’d stand on my tippy toes,
leaning in cuz I’d know you wouldn’t hurt me
if I fell.

I’d ask you in a whispery voice to
close your eyes.

And then I’d wait,
as I’ve grown used to doing
while you decided to trust
or close down
inside of yourself.

If you chose to chance it,
I’d sigh deeply,
letting go of the breath
I’d been holding.

And while you considered
if now was the time
to freely, openly smile,
I’d tease my tongue over
your rounded lids.

If you kept them closed a bit longer
waiting for the next moment,
I’d gently kiss the long
black lashes that so carefully shade
your beautiful eyes.

Then maybe,
when I took my hands away
and you opened your eyes,
you’d see it was safe
to stop hiding your heart behind
those inky eyes,

at least from me.

And then things could be
different between us.

~ cj 2013.06.03

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  1. Steve says:

    I like it! I think inky eyes would like it too.

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