Vacations Over, What A Trip

Before I left, things weren’t right
and I could scarcely wait to go,
But while I was gone
I lost my way, and the memory
of what compelled my journey.

Vacation tends to trip my mind
It sends me places I wish I could stay
Places that aren’t really there
Situations that aren’t actually true.

I created a fantasy world
Of how we are together
and how my life is
Now and in the Future
As real to me as the bookstore
I wrote to you from
And the river I sat beside
when we spoke.

But I left all that behind
to come back to my life
It was a hard drive home
And made me forget to leave
the fantasy I’d created for us.

A few days have gone by
since Vacation ended
My trip is beginning to fade
And my reason for escape has reappeared
This time, though,
that journey I took
gave me the strength to live with
and accept what really is,
so I can escape
and take a new journey
without leaving home again.

~ cj 2011.06.30

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