I knocked on your door
believing I wanted to drop something off,
give you a neatly wrapped up,
you-mattered-to-me package,
let you know there were no hard feelings
on my side of the fence,
and if you needed me to watch out for you occasionally,
I could.

When you opened the door wide
and nearly immediately,
I found myself standing firm on your
welcome mat,
warm beautiful energy inside,
and open arms that were interested, compelling,
infinitely willing to invite me to stay.

The light glow from inside drew me in.
I stepped over the threshold, locking eyes with you.
When I caught my breath from my journey,
I looked around to find the furniture had been rearranged
in a most comfortable fashion while I was gone.

May I tell you,
the wine is the sweetest I’ve ever had,
the conversation is better than it ever was,
the meal filling and satisfying in a way
I’d always dreamed it could be.

I find myself feeling at home here with you,
so I draw up a chair to listen,
while you light a fire and look at me in a familiar way
that touches my heart and reminds me
how well we knew each other
and how important it was
that we had our time together.

At the same moment I settle into the familiar rhythm,
our soft music weaving its way through our air,
I am delighted to discover a new connection, electric and vibrant.
I want nothing more than to stay
and enjoy the company, the meal, the spark.

And you, my friend, I can see you are visibly joyful
to find I’ve dropped by and come in.

I don’t know if the fire will grow cold.
I’m not sure if the wine will run out,
or if the conversation will subside.

I have yet to visit the other rooms in the house,
and the awkward silence that almost always finds it way inside
hasn’t found us yet.

But whatever the result of our visit,
thank you for inviting me in.
I love what you did with the place,
and I am most honored to be your guest.

~ cj 2012.09.28

I almost said something about spilling things and failing to wipe my feet, but I didn’t want to be kicked out. 🙂

This is dedicated to my friend, who welcomed me back with open arms, reminding me with his unwavering belief in me that I have a heart full of passion and all the courage I need to change my world.

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2 Responses to Welcome

  1. Steve says:

    CJ I think people enjoy your poems because in my opinion they come more from your heart than your head. Does that make sense? Anyway I like em.

  2. Thank you, that was so special. I felt like I had visited with your friend as well. I felt and experienced your pleasure. I have just recently re-united with an incredible long lost friend. Your poem was wonderful, incredibly personal to me!

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