What Today Wants

Blocked? Am I blocked if I have nothing to say about what happened in my head, in my heart, in my life, today?

Perhaps using my words is not what today had in mind.

Maybe today has heard enough of my voice lately, and wants to hear my music or watch me take photos instead.

Or today may want me to spend it with friends, catching up with their lives and they mine.

What if today is exhausted from all the busy in my head, and simply wants nothing more than to be a day lived in silence…

…A day spent resting and reflecting…a span of 24 short hours, that I use to remember how beautiful it is to be alive breathing.

I am not very good sometimes at listening to what today wants to be. But I am getting better at this with every new today that shows its face.

So after awhile spent considering it, I’ve decided today feels like it’s quite set as one I soak in for what it is, without saying a thing about it at all. At least not for today.

(PS Don’t let on that I wrote this. I’m gonna pretend I’m blocked…for today 🙂 )

~ cj 2014.05.06

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2 Responses to What Today Wants

  1. Steven says:

    Ha ha ha! I’d never block you! I recon we can pretend though.

  2. Morine says:

    Some days are simply meant for reflection and observation and even silence. Go with the flow. It’s all good. 🙂

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