Where In My World?

Where in my world
did you go?

I’ve lost you.

But I know,
I remember,
I still feel
where we touched,
how you gratefully

I squeeze
my eyes hard
to clear them,
when I open them
to look out,
are all they see.

Where in my world
could you be?

My hand
where yours
held it tight
in my dreams,
all my life,
last week,
only yesterday,
is empty,
balled up now,
a frustrated
unfair fist.

Why is my world
without you?

I am stunned by
the loud silence
of empty echoes
rushing to fill
the void,
now screaming
in my ears
where your stories,
sweet whispers,
‘ok then’
left them,
and my heart

you were just here
my love,
my friend,
my soul,
larger than
my world could

all of you,
saying softly
there ya go.

until you went,
leaving me
to ache from
the empty left
where you filled me.

where in my world
did you go?

~ cj 2012.02.28

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4 Responses to Where In My World?

  1. Elisabeth Edmonston says:

    Oh, I so feel this with you. Your ability to evoke a symbiotic response within my mind and body is remarkable. My eyes are filled with tears. My heart hurts with you.

  2. Kevin S says:

    I wish I could hug the pain away and transplant peace and the seeds of happiness in its place

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