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Life Butterflies

Sometimes all it takes is the flutter of a butterfly wing to set your world in motion. The butterfly may only be there for a moment, but its flutter can change the course of a life. I’m so grateful for … Continue reading

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Where My Happiness Is

I saw you in my dream last night, over to the right and slightly behind where my happiness is located now. You watched me from a place you had no reason to revisit unless you were trying to catch a … Continue reading

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This Is YOUR New Life

This is your new life, my sweet friend, SM. And this ticker here? I made it just for you, to remind you of when it started. Each moment that passes is a moment further away from something you’ve outgrown and … Continue reading

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on the outside, peering in a dirty window through a sleeve-wiped hole cupping hands round my eyes gazing at the love i see wondering how it feels to be safe like that no matter what. beaten, painfilled heart battered, struggling … Continue reading

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The Gingerbread Girl

This little gingerbread cookie jar is sitting on my counter right now.  She has some very yummy oatmeal cookies in her belly.  She has a big smile on her face, too.  She looks pretty harmless really, don’t you think?  Go … Continue reading

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