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The Miracle of Healing

I have to look quite closely now to find the seam where you carelessly cut me to the bone. You cracked me wide open, letting my guts spill out, exposed to your toxic dirt. Still hungry to hurt me, your … Continue reading

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I Am

Take Care, he wrote. I am, I replied. Finally, I am, I thought. Finally, starting now, I hope I am. Then, I added Thank you. I added it but I don’t know why. Perhaps it will be a final tip … Continue reading

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Protected: I Hate These Moments

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There Is No Such Thing

I’m not broken enough anymore to believe I can fix me, by fixing what is broken in you. I’m not lost enough anymore to believe I’ll find my way by telling you how to head where I think you should … Continue reading

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Whole Enough

I am not whole in the way I view you to be. I cannot yet sit still and allow simply being to wash over me. Although I can, I do not like to stand on my own, isolated, uncomfortable, alone. … Continue reading

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Bird of Paradise

A bird of paradise solar-powered light was one of the first things I bought when I reclaimed my garden, a particularly painful place for me. For several years, I avoided it because it made my heart ache and caused me … Continue reading

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My Fearful Symmetry

I used to buy so many books, ignoring the “why-aren’t-you-normal” questions from my now ex-husband about what I was going to do with yet another potentially unread treasure crowding our shelves. How could someone who’s lived such a different life … Continue reading

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On My Own

It is dusk, with night not far behind, and soon enough, the lights will be on. Until then, I’ve got enough in me to glow in the dark on my own. ~ cj 2012.10.09

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