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Impenetrable Wall

All In all you’ve built yourself One hell of an impenetrable Wall. So tall and thick That you can’t even see over it, or around it, and often mistake it for a wall you’ve convinced yourself belongs to me. So … Continue reading

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When I Find

When I find you we won’t be lonely anymore. We’ll cuddle close, dream dreams, and we’ll dance. We’ll walk through woods, splash waves gaze often at stars and the moon. We’ll be adored and assured laugh often, sing loud, cling … Continue reading

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Causing Our Own Demise

The Jealous cause their own demise. If you’ve had an insanely jealous partner, you know what I’m talking about. The jealousy comes from a fear of losing the love of that partner. What’s ironic, though, is that the jealousy (which … Continue reading

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Thought While Running Uphill

There’s a world of difference between “I don’t want to”, and “I can’t”. One is a choice. The other is an unfortunate state of mind.

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Isn’t It Obvious?

A friend of mine was telling me this last night about someone she knows.  The person she knows sees successful people, and he gets really bummed about where HE’S at.  She asks “Is that what you WANT to do?  Is that … Continue reading

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The guitar is still out, the jelly is here. The shirt is all folded and smells sweet of you. your hug tightly held with your gaze, in my heart i wonder if you’re hurt, surprised, too. it was only a … Continue reading

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Nuttin’ But Go

I’m dancing at the intersection here To Nuttin’ But Stringz Waiting for the light to change, eager with anticipation for the moment I’m released to fly forward. My energy builds as the music swells Pulse racing, body bouncing While cars … Continue reading

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One Day

One day I hope you’re free to spend one more night with me. And then another day I hope you’re free to spend more than One night with me. ~ cj 2011.07.20

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I’m dancing all around my space loud music. loud pounding outside making all the loud pounding in my head disappear, disintegrated by the beat of the loud music that i’m dancing all around to in my space. ~ cj 2011.07.20

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She closed the door quietly on her way out. So silently, in fact, that he didn’t hear the ever so subtle sound as that latch caught for her final time. So stealthy and slowly that he missed every sign she … Continue reading

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Protected: Taking Stock

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Unarmored Mercy

You’re under my skin against the meat of me, embedded in my flesh, holding my scarred heart, which is beating like hell, unarmored, mercy-filled, in your beautiful hands. Surprised, I don’t have any clothing in here; I’m a naked, raw, … Continue reading

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Yesterday, as I walked to the shed to salt the water, I caught a glimpse of the butterfly he put in a garden he created for me.  A butterfly, the symbol of a free life after struggle, is the only … Continue reading

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