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Big and Little

It’s surprisingly hard to tell the difference between what’s big and what’s little in some moment. Figuring it out is a matter of gaining perspective, getting some distance or passing time. (Photo from 2014.01.25)

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Good Boy

frightened boy kneeling in obedience until your freckled knees bled while they committed their sins to your tender bare flesh biting your lips and hating your tears and heading right straight to hell every single time for doubting God’s plan … Continue reading

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Color Blind

I spent a little time last year with a friend who was colorblind. “That’s a sad affliction”, I’d think, while I was photographing a gorgeous cloudless sky. “I hate that he’s missing out on the beautiful colors of this”, I’d … Continue reading

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POS-itive Sayings

“It’s hard to be satisfied with life if you’re not satisfied with yourself.” When you read it, it seems so simple, so true. Impossible to take action on, yet ridiculous if one doesn’t get its obvious message – quit being … Continue reading

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