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There you are looking at me from your picture, green bedroom eyes and cutie pie smile, open and sweet. Would you blush to know I think you’re beautiful? I’m a bit pink from the telling. Your hat and you look … Continue reading

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You touched everything in my world until it began to ache so deeply to be touched by you that I couldn’t bear to let you touch me or anything in my world ever again. ~ cj 2011.12.29

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You abandoned everything where it was, incomplete, messed up, broken, dead… …like us. You won’t return to complete, clean up, restore, resurrect… nor would I accept. And now I am left behind to recover however I am able from your … Continue reading

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The Rocks You Left Behind

This is one of my first iPhoto/YouTube videos. 🙂 These are the rocks you left behind on the land that we both loved. The ones you can see are hardened and cold and heavy. The ones you can’t are too. … Continue reading

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Each Moment

Each moment you’re alive, you have the opportunity to take a step. Sometimes the best you can do is a baby step. Other times, it’s a leap of faith. And without knowing it’s coming, once in awhile you step off … Continue reading

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Innocent Spouse

Innocent spouse, fraud on the community. That’s what it’s called when you say I do and you try and he tries and then he stops and turns on you blaming you and frauding what you’ve built, while you become helplessly … Continue reading

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Today, I went in search of batteries for my heart rate monitor.  I knew they were here; I just couldn’t remember where I’d put them. You remember my heart rate monitor, don’t you?  It was the one that changed my … Continue reading

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