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seeking, thinking, deciding, planning, closing, discarding, selling, purging, visiting, hugging, sharing, promising, preparing, packing, loading, cleaning, and then comes now… filled with nothing left undone. so one last look, more hugs goodbye. then leaving, driving, moving on. so real. surreal. … Continue reading

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Quiet Surprise

It’s quiet in here as I let the decision ‘not to’ sink in. I don’t hear a solitary peep and certainly not the roaring of chaotic thoughts I imagined would come barreling through all jumbled in my head from a … Continue reading

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Winds of Change

Doors close, windows open, a brisk breeze blows my world around clearing out all the ugly things that tear my heart from its hinges. I breathe in. Today is bitter hard yet better. Wherever I land When the wind stops … Continue reading

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Layers of Adjustment

We adjust to our realities, to our lives, to our hopes, our dreams, our failures in layers. When we are young we are horrified by the notion of things we’ll never do again because we are too old. When we … Continue reading

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