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Giving Me Permission

I take photos of things other than the sky; I do! But for now, I like taking sky photos best. So I let myself take them, as much as I want, whenever I want. It is my gift to me, … Continue reading

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Back then it was easy to convince myself that I mattered. But contrary evidence presented itself over and over that I didn’t. So when I couldn’t convince myself anymore, I walked away from all that mattered to me. And now, … Continue reading

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Being Present

Although it seems there’s much to attend to, while being present for the one who is leaving, there’s not a thing to attend to that matters as much as being present to the one who is leaving. ~ cj 2014.03.26 … Continue reading

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Dirty Girls

I absolutely loved watching this scene play out Saturday morning at a restaurant where I was eating breakfast and talking with one of my best friends. (Pictures at the bottom) These two little girls were in a play area outside … Continue reading

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No Bone Picking

I’m not close enough to your bones to even notice if there’s meat to pick off them. You’re not my kind of dish anyway. I like the sweet, the salty, the creamy. I love to savor and enjoy. I don’t … Continue reading

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Waving Goodbye And Crying

When we were little, we’d leave my grandma and grandpa’s house, and they’d stand in the doorway, waving goodbye, always smiling. My whole childhood, it was my grandpa and grandma, waving goodbye to my mom and dad and us kids, … Continue reading

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The Best Ever!

Nearly every day, often more than once, I stand outside with my camera pointed at the sky. I’m taking photos of everything I possibly can. Sometimes there’s so much beauty, I need two cameras! And at least once every time, … Continue reading

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There Is No Such Thing

I’m not broken enough anymore to believe I can fix me, by fixing what is broken in you. I’m not lost enough anymore to believe I’ll find my way by telling you how to head where I think you should … Continue reading

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Mean Teachers

The most meaningful lessons I’ve learned from mean teachers are the ones they didn’t mean to teach me. ~ cj 2014.03.14

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Living to Laugh

Somewhere in 2009 or 2010, I saw the YouTube video “Jizz in My Pants”. My (now ex) husband and I had gone to dinner at my son’s place, and my son shared this video with us. It’s the silliest video; … Continue reading

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