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POS-itive Sayings

“It’s hard to be satisfied with life if you’re not satisfied with yourself.” When you read it, it seems so simple, so true. Impossible to take action on, yet ridiculous if one doesn’t get its obvious message – quit being … Continue reading

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A Leap of Faith To Make Myself Happy

I worked on paperwork again last week, yesterday, today to get myself out of this long-dead marriage. How can there be so much of this? I was so proud of myself; I am so past being angry, I’m giving up … Continue reading

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Somehow, you found my door and came smiling through when I wasn’t looking. I’m glad I hadn’t locked it. ~ cj 2013.01.29

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Ego vs. Wisdom

I’ve reached that place in my life where my level of wisdom has bypassed the size of my ego. This allows me to see that I have something extraordinary to teach the world, while simultaneously realizing I have an extraordinary … Continue reading

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Feeling Good

A few weeks ago, my 11-year old doggie, Maggie, randomly figured out rolling over on her back and wiggling around feels good to her. Now? She does it all the time! She’s a great lesson for me. When things feel … Continue reading

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How To Be Perfectly Happy

Once upon a time, everyone I knew expected me to be perfect. When I wasn’t, I got into an extraordinary amount of trouble. Being infinitely flawed, never near perfect, I was nearly always in trouble. I was too loud, I … Continue reading

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My Hair

My hair suits me curly loud unruly deciding each day where to stick out anew, often annoying and attracting attention. I’ve never been able to get its moods or my own to line up in a predictable fashion. even when … Continue reading

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The Ride To Happy (SparkPeople)

Are you happy. Don’t know? How about doing this exercise: Each day write down what percentage of the time you felt happy that day. Is that too long of a time period? Do you tend to write down how you’re … Continue reading

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