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Looking Glass

Ah, it’s been such a long time since I’ve seen you here. How are you? How have you been? Oh, good, good. Just fine. Going well. In fact, things are looking magnificently up. I feign earnest and glance upward as … Continue reading

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I Can’t Do This Alone

I thought I’d do anything to be happy with you, rather than being Alone. What I really want, though, is just to be happy, and there’s nothing I can do Alone to be happy with you. ~ cj 2013.11.27

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My Wish For You

My Wish For You May the moments between this one, when our paths crossed, and the moment you leave this world, be filled as often as possible with child-eyed playful wonder. ~ cj 2013.11.15

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Peace Filled Grace

Peace-filled grace carries you gently across my evening sky. A glow shines from your colorful heart, soft, undeniable. Shaped in each moment by what can be seen, and by what never will, you appear, as you float by, to be … Continue reading

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My Proposal

No one else is going to let us carry on, like this, together, so let’s just carry on together, like this, without them. ~ cj 2013.11.13

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I Am Lonely Tonight

I am lonely tonight, will you stand here for me? So I can sketch you in colors of the sunset and sea. I’ll tell you a story or write a breaking heart poem if you’ll sit here with me so … Continue reading

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My Man In The Moon

What I felt when I took this photo is still with me when I look at it now. First thing in the morning, the sun was rising while the full moon was setting. The sunrise was beautiful to be sure, … Continue reading

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